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We work
effectively together.

We are
specialists with foresight.

We are
considerate and curious.

Close cooperation. Optimum outcomes.

Why our law firm works so effectively for our clients, you ask? Well, optimum advice can only be offered by those who have a broad understanding of multiple legal and business management issues on the one hand and a mastery of the specialist fields required on the other.

Our guidance and advice extends far beyond matters within Austria. Close contacts to leading law firms – especially in Europe, North America and Asia – also enable us to advise our clients in their home countries.

Literally everything under the law.

The different specialist fields covered by our legal experts ensure that clients benefit from reliable expertise in all aspects of commercial law.

We are Herbst Kinsky.

Our attorneys at law may be specialised in different fields but they have at least three things in common: They are highly committed to their clients; they are passionate about their work as attorneys at law; and they are open to new developments in the fields of law and business. Clients choose the particular attorney who takes personal charge of the matter in question.